Raleigh Home Inspection Firm Now Accepts Credit Cards Via Square

Quality Residential Inspections, your preferred Raleigh Home Inspection firm, now accepts mobile credit card payments.

As an added convenience and service for our clients who wish to use their credit card at the time of their Home Inspection, we are now able to process payment in the field.  By teaming with Square, we can now accept credit card payments in the field…at the home and at the time of your Raleigh Home Inspection. The credit card will be swiped through the Square reader, a signature will be attained on the screen of a portable device, and a receipt will be forwarded to the client via either SMS or e-Mail.

Raleigh Home Inspection Firm Now Accepts Mobile Credit Card Payments

Your Raleigh Home Inspection Firm Now Accepts Mobile Credit Card Payments

Not only is this methodology a more convenient way to provide credit card payment, it’s safer too; less communication of information between people means a safer transaction. Square uses advanced security measures that are PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 compliant. All information is encrypted to at least 128 bit and utilizes well reviewed cryptographic protocols and message formats when transferring data. Square security information is available on their website.

When your credit card is swiped through the Square reader, no client personal information is retained on the device…none! So don’t worry that there is any important information being retained by us in any way.

And…we now accept Discover and American Express cards too! We now accept all of the major credit cards…MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Convenience is important…the ability to pay for the most professional Home Inspection service available to you in the Triangle region of North Carolina is sure to be a plus for our valued clients.

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