Your Smoke Detectors May Not Save Your Life….Surprised?

Raleigh Home Inspector On Ionization Smoke Detectors

Would you be surprised if the Raleigh Home Inspector suggested that the smoke detectors in your home may not be adequately protecting you or your family? Would you be surprised that they may not save your life in the event of their being needed. While a Home Inspector will manually test the smoke detectors in a home while conducting a Home Inspection, that is no guarantee that the smoke detectors will provide adequately alert you with adequate advanced warning.

Of the two types of smoke detectors, the Ionization type and the Photoelectric type, it is being proven during actual field testing that the Ionization type of smoke detector may not provide any alarm or advanced warning until it’s too late. And…this is the type of Smoke Detector that is probably installed in your home.

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Vice President Bill Loden was recently interviewed on the topic subsequent to an investigative news report by WHNT 19 News in Huntsville AL…..

Please click on the graphic below to watch this most “alarming” video……


We hope you found this to be as interesting and….alarming….as we did.

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