Raleigh Home Inspector: ASHI Survey – Home Inspections Boost Confidence

Raleigh Home Inspector: ASHI Survey – Home Inspections Boost Homebuyers Confidence

ASHI SURVEY REVEALS HOME INSPECTIONS BOOST HOMEBUYERS CONFIDENCE IN 88 PERCENT OF U.S. RESPONDENTS Results indicate people are more likely to purchase a distressed property, including foreclosures and short sales, following a professional home inspection.

• 88 percent of respondents say home inspections increase their confidence about the condition of any property.

• More than four in five think foreclosures and short sales can be good deals.

• 84 percent of respondents say they would be more likely to purchase a distressed (foreclosed or short sale) property after a home inspection deemed it in good condition.

• Consumers are uncertain of the services traditionally included in a home inspection.

• The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is the Gold Standard of Home Inspectors.

Raleigh Home Inspector provides confidence for Home-Buyers

Your Raleigh Home Inspector will assist you in making a confident purchasing decision

To see the entire survey, visit ASHI.org……

We know that confidence leads to success and to satisfaction in many endeavors and purchasing a home is no different. If you know that you made a great decision, then you’ll feel great about you purchase.  A Home Inspection is just one of your due diligence tools that you should use to ensure a confident decision.

Let the Raleigh Home Inspector assist you with your confidence level in your home-buying decision. We’re good at it….and we look forward to helping you.

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