Raleigh Home Inspector Asks: Do You Have A Hole In Your House?

The Raleigh Home Inspector suggests that if there is an attic associated with your home, and there most likely is, then you have a hole in your house and a resulting fissure in your wallet.

You see, attic access openings, whether for a simple scuttle access opening or a pull-down stair installation, is mostly a hole in the ceiling through which warm air can escape into the attic in the winter. Conversely, the hot air from the attic space in the summer does battle with your cooling system. Either way, it’s energy wasted and dollars that are spent unnecessarily…And who wants that?

Of all the things that you can readily and reasonably easily do in your home, to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home, insulation is one of the most cost-effective means of increasing that energy efficiency.

The typical configuration that the Raleigh Home Inspector routinely see in homes is a common pull-down stair unit that has been “stuffed” with fiberglass batt insulation….maybe better than nothing but often not too much so.

Raleigh Home Inspector on attic stair insulation

Typical Pull-down stair "stuffed" with fiberglass batt insulation

So what is one to do?

Well, there are numerous products on the market that do a pretty fair job of sealing or closing that hole in your house. Products like the Attic Stair Insulator Cover from Battic Door Home Energy Conservation Products which provides an R-Value of 50 (that’s pretty darn good) when properly installed.

Or there’s the Draft Cap attic stair Insulator available from Draft Cap which provides an R-Value of 11 according to their website.

All of these products are relatively effective….and not too terribly pricey, either.

Raleigh Home Inspectors stair opening insualtion

The stair opening insulating panel in the personal home of the Raleigh Home Inspector...simple but effective


So, close that hole in your ceiling and keep more than just a few extra dollars in your pocket over the long term. You won’t be sorry.


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