Is There a Garden In Your Gutters?

Where, Oh Where, Does Your Garden Grow?

One of the most common issues discovered during most any Raleigh Home Inspection is water-related issues e.g. wet crawl spaces, wet basements, deteriorated foundations, decayed exterior wall cladding and components, etc. And one important reason for much of the home maintenance mayhem is a failure to fully and completely control the roof run-off water. The reason that gutters are so important to the well-being of a home is that, without them, the large volume  of water that comes cascading off of your roof is just gonna’ do its own thing. What with gravity and all, its ‘thing’ is splashing onto porches and patios, eroding the soil along the foundation, over-flowing and causing decay to fascia and eaves, and wreaking general havoc with your house. It is undeniable that if there aren’t any gutters installed, then they should be. It’s this Home Inspectors opinion that they should be a required system on all houses…all buildings for that matter… but that’s left for another post.

Functional gutters are important to the well-being of a home

Your Raleigh Home Inspector asks "Where Does Your Garden Grow?"


If a young forest is thriving in your gutters…then it just may be time for a ‘plow-under’…or something like that. Gutters that are full of organic debris e.g leaves, etc. cannot be properly functional. Functional, in this instance, means the ability to efficiently control and mange roof run-off water. So, if your home has blocked/clogged gutters, it’s probably time to have them cleaned to preclude expensive and unnecessary repairs later.







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