About QRI

Quality Residential Inspections, Inc. is a full-service home and property inspection firm that has been serving the Greater Triangle region of North Carolina since 1987.

Of course, all QRI inspectors are licensed in accordance with State of North Carolina requirements and are Licensed General Contractors. All are exceptionally experienced regarding construction methodologies, practices, systems, components, and materials. QRI is a member firm of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

QRI inspectors implement a “systems” approach into their inspection process. In doing so, we try not to “miss seeing the forest for the trees”. We are thorough….. and our only allegiance is to our clients and to their best interests. We also strive to be fair to the real estate transaction process. While we must report on adverse conditions that might be present or on things that are not functioning as intended, we do not attempt to “nit-pick” or to report in an alarmist manner. Our comments are direct and, in most cases, are able to be visually substantiated without conjecture or speculation. We feel, absolutely, that it is possible to provide a thorough inspection without engaging in alarmist reporting practices…….that means we don’t feel the need to jump up and down and flap our arms when describing a condition). We don’t feel that we have to “find something” to justify our fee; every house has a story to tell…and we let the house tell us its story so we can “interpret” and transmit that story to you. Inspections, testing, and consulting are our only endeavors. We do not provide repair services nor do we refer any specific contractors for repair work that might be warranted.

Our clients receive an honest and professional report on the physical condition of the subject property to provide a better understanding of that physical condition. They can be comfortable in the knowledge that we are working for them and for them alone. We make certain that there are no conflicts of interest. That’s the way it should be!…..And at QRI, that’s the way it is!

Meet The Owner –
Gary Gentry, President Quality Residential Inspections

QRI provides Home Inspection services to the greater Triangle region of North Carolina to include Wake County, Johnston County, Durham County, Orange County, Franklin County, Granville County, Chatham County, Nash County, and Harnett County.

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