Will the Inspector advise me concerning the purchase?

No. Ultimately, it is the clients decision whether or not to buy the house. We have no knowledge of the value of the property, the financial condition of the client, or any number of many other very important factors that must be considered along with the findings of the Home Inspection. The Home Inspection should be viewed as one more “piece of the puzzle”. Each individual client knows what they are willing to take on regarding repairs, renovation, upgrade, etc..

With that having been stated, don’t think you’ll be whistling in the wind if you ask your Inspector about the property itself…..

Your Raleigh Home Inspector Is Able To Offer Advice As To Maintenance Issues and Potential Courses Of Action Regarding Specific Conditions

Your Raleigh Home Inspector Is Able To Offer Advice As To Maintenance Issues and Potential Courses Of Action Regarding Specific Conditions

You can expect that the Home Inspector may offer advice concerning maintenance of the various systems and components of the property…and there may be advice offered as to what kinds of contractors or other professionals might be best suited for the further assessment and/or correction of any significant conditions that might have been discovered during the Home Inspection. Of course, all advice will be offered on an “opinion-only” basis within the parameters of the Inspectors experience and technical background.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

A typical Home Inspection for an average house will normally take between 2 and 3 hours to accomplish. Larger and/or older

An Average Raleigh Home Inspection Will Take Between 2 And 3 Hours

An Average Raleigh Home Inspection Will Take Approximately 3 Hours

homes may take significantly longer because, simply, there is more to observe and to report upon. We typically schedule our first Home Inspection of the day at 8:30 AM.

Typical fees for a QRI Home Inspection average around $350.00 – $500.00 and are quoted upon request in accordance with our fixed fee schedule. Various factors affect the fee. If you are comparing home inspection firms , the fees that they charge should not be your most important consideration. We know what QRI inspection services are worth and we assume that other Home Inspection firms know what their services are worth. Remember, you are considering a major purchase.

It may not be wise or prudent to base your Home Inspector selection on a difference of $25.00 or $50.00 in quoted fees. With QRI, an un-biased, thorough, and professional Home Inspection is a “given”; service is what really matters and QRI provides the best service available.

Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, VISA and MasterCard.

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What Kind of Home Inspection Report Will I Receive and When Will I Get It??

Basically…..a complete and thorough report. We employ the very latest hardware and software to create a computer-generated Home Inspection Report to transmit our findings and we include digital photographs of pertinent issues that we might find.

You can expect a Quality Home Inspection Report from Quality Residential Inspections - Your Raleigh Home Inspection Firm

You can expect a Quality Home Inspection Report from Quality Residential Inspections - Your Raleigh Home Inspection Firm

We strive to construct our reports in an easily “readable” format without the use of fancy jargon; anyone, irrespective of their background or knowledge of homes, should be able to read and understand our reports. Our report has endured the test of time; it has proven to be very effective and has been very well received. The client receives the report via E-Mail within 24 hours and most typically on the same day that the inspection was performed….. QRI doesn’t make anyone wait until tomorrow or next week to provide the information that our clients pay us to provide. And…you can download a sample of a Home Inspection Report, such as those routinely produced for the Raleigh Home Inspection clients of Quality Residential Inspections, from right here on our website.

Can I follow along with the Home Inspector?

Absolutely, most definitely, and YES……..In fact, every client is strongly encouraged to attend their Home Inspection. The Home Inspection is a valuable learning experience for most home buyers and we consider the clients presence a very important aspect of the inspection. The Home Inspector will provide valuable insight and perspective concerning the home and its systems, and will comment on important maintenance issues When our Raleigh Home Inspection clients are happy, that makes us happy!regarding the house. We encourage our clients to participate in their Home Inspection; when a client actively participates in their Raleigh home inspection, they are more likely to attain maximum value with the result being that they are Happy and Satisfied clients. When our clients are happy, that makes us very happy!

Why should I have the house inspected?

Many home buyers lack the specific knowledge, skill, experience, and emotional detachment that is required to conduct a thorough home inspection. At the time of most inspections, the majority of home buyers have previously spent an average of 20 minutes or less at the property. By hiring a Home Inspector, clients can gain valuable understanding of, and insight into, the physical condition of the house and especially whether or not there are any items not functioning as intended, that are in need of immediate repair, that might adversely affect the habitability of the house, or that might warrant further investigation by a specialized professional.

Can the Inspector “fail” the house?

A HOme Inspector Doesn't "Pass or Fail" An Inspected Home

No Pass or Fail...It's "Just The Facts, Ma'am"...

No…..There is no “passing” or “failing”.

Our Home Inspectors goal is to accurately report on the physical condition of the house in a very calm, straight forward, and professional manner while indicating what repairs might be necessary or what items may need to be monitored for change in the future. The results can then be compared to the real estate ‘Offer To Purchase and Contract’ and a determination made as to what items, if any, are subject to negotiation (or are willing to be negotiated by the seller).

Who can perform a Home Inspection in the State of North Carolina?

Only individuals licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board for Home Inspectors may conduct Home Inspections.

What is inspected?

We inspect the major systems and components of the house. These include, but are not limited to, the Roof, Exterior, Structure/Foundation, Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, and Interior. Our goal is to identify and report on any major defects, safety issues, or any systems or components that are not functioning as intended to provide part of the basis for a buyer making an informed purchase decision.

For a more graphic representation of a Home Inspection, click on the graphic, to the right, to take a Virtual Tour produced by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

ASHI Virtual Tour

Click On The Graphic For A Virtual Tour of A Home Inspection

How long has QRI been in business?

Since 1987. We are one of the most established and respected Home Inspection firms in North Carolina. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina. We invite potential clients to contact the Better Business Bureau to learn of our stellar performance and customer service record.

What is not considered part of a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is not a code compliance inspection and does not guarantee that the house complies with building codes. It is not an appraisal of the value of the property. It is not technically exhaustive in nature. It does not protect a client from any future failure of any systems or components. It is not an insurance policy.