How Are You Going To Find An Excellent Raleigh Home Inspector?

How To Find An Excellent Raleigh Home Inspector

You need a Raleigh Home Inspector because  you’re buying a home in the Triangle region of North Carolina…you know that you need one because it’s a smart thing to need…

Buying a home, to most of us anyway, is often an expensive, scary endeavor. Even for seasoned, experienced home-buyers, the process is typically not without some degree of trepidation and apprehension. Much of that apprehension has to do with the physical condition of the property…whether or not the house is in reasonably good condition…whether the house is really as good as it looks ….. or whether it’s a well-disguised money-pit just waiting to steal your money away in the form of unanticipated repairs and expenses.

Enter the Home Inspector…the guy, or gal, that will give the home a thorough assessment and report to you on its physical condition so that you can make an informed purchase decision. How are you going to effectively track down and choose a good, professional Inspector? Well, there are a few time-proven strategies:

A) You might ask your family, friends, or neighbors if they’ve had any really positive experience with any particular Home Inspector. If they have, they’ll likely share that with you…and if they’ve had a bad experience, well, you’ll probably learn about that, too.

B) You could ask your real estate agent for some referrals…but don’t rely on a single recommendation. I suggest asking the agent who they might hire to insect a home if they were the buyer. Or who they think is the most “picky” inspector; that’s the one you want to hire!

C)  Do some on-line research…ask questions in local forums… check out on-line reviews; if a company has a large number of legitimate and positive reviews, they might be a good potential candidate. But beware, as in other fields, some inspectors write their own reviews; you can usually tell which ones those are and they should be avoided.

Don’t rely on the fact that an individual possesses a state license or local business permit as any proof whatsoever that they are either overly professional or at all competent…often, that means almost nothing.

Look for an individual that’s affiliated with a prominent and leading national Home Inspector organization…one that maintains high entry and membership standards such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI); active membership in such an organization is, often, a good indication of a Home Inspectors commitment to professionalism.

Search for complaints against the Inspector and their company…Consult the Better Business Bureau to determine if the potential Home Inspector is an accredited member company and whether or not they have any unresolved complaints against them.

Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to 2 or 3 potential candidates, you need to contact each of those and ask them some direct, and pointed, questions. And here is where you don’t want to be shy or timid in your approach.

1) Please, will you talk to me? If a Home Inspector doesn’t answer their phone or return your initial phone call in a timely manner, then move on. If an inspector can’t, or won’t, make and take time to answer you questions now, then there is good likelihood they can’t, or won’t, answer them later.

2) Ask them how good they are ….and how long they’ve been doing this home inspecting thing. If an inspector doesn’t exude confidence….again….move on. Likewise, if an inspector doesn’t have a significant amount of experience under their belt, you might better keep searching. Everyone has to learn sometime…but maybe you don’t want them gaining their basic experience on your home…and on your dollar

3) Ask what kind of Home Inspection report you’ll receive?…Look for an answer that suggests a narrative style report…or a combination narrative/checklist type of report…and not one with only a bunch of check marks and no really good explanations of any discovered problems? an inspector that can write using complete sentences is a positive sign. What you need is a good Home Inspection report that clearly identifies any issues in readily understood language……presented in complete and grammatically correct language.

4) Ask how soon you’ll receive your report? Most professional Home Inspectors will provide their report to you, electronically, within 24 hours of the completion of the Home Inspection and this is what you should expect.

5) Ask if it’s okay for you to be there….every step of the way….with the inspector? It’s important that you be able to attend every moment of your Home Inspection should you desire to do so. The inspection should be a time during which you’re able to learn about the house and to get your questions answered. An Inspector who discourages your presence should be avoided at all cost.

Following some basic guidelines, doing specific research, and asking some pointed question of potential Home Inspectors will go far in helping you find a good Home Inspector and, hopefully, a good experience with that Inspector that you can feel comfortable with….one who you know will be working for you and only for. You in protecting your best interests.

Thanks for listening….I hope this was helpful to you in your search, for an awesome Home Inspector.

Now …Make it great one… No matter what it might be and remember….with houses…you just never know!


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Certified Inspector Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the North Carolina Chapter of ASHI….

How Long Will It Take For Your Raleigh Home Inspection?

How Long Will It Take For Your Raleigh Home Inspection?

Your professional Raleigh Home Inspection can’t be completed in just  a few minutes…it takes time to go through a home and make assessment of the function, configuration, and condition of all of the various materials, components, and systems that comprise the residential dwelling.

So how long does it take? Here are a few factors that directly relate to the time it will take for a Home Inspection to be performed:

The size of the home – Obviously, larger homes will take longer to inspect. There is, simply, more real estate to cover and more systems that need to be evaluated. A small home in excellent condition can be inspected much more quickly than a very large mansion in an equally as good condition. The age of the home – This factor is very important. Older homes take longer to inspect because there are more potential issues that might be present…and there has been more time during which problems could develop or for the effects of deferred maintenance to become apparent. While older homes are usually somewhat more difficult to inspect, they are often very interesting to inspect. Older homes take longer to inspect than newer homes.

The previous use of the home – A home that has been used as a rental property often has more defects because of a general neglect of the property that is often apparent. While this is not always so, it’s quite common for rental properties to be in less than pristine condition. The same rationale is able to be aptly applied to many homes that have entered foreclosure.

The experience level of the Home Inspector – An experienced Home Inspector can perform a Home Inspection faster than one that may not have a great deal of experience…this just stands to reason, right? Generally, though, the time it takes to accomplish an inspection is not directly related to the quality of the inspection.

On average, the inspection of a 2500 to 3000 square foot home, that’s less than 25 years of age will typically take an experienced inspector somewhere around 2.5 to 3 hours to inspect. This time, though, often does not include the time it will take to generate the resulting inspection report. That 2.5 to 3 hour number can be used as a baseline to which some of the other noted considerations can be applied to arrive at close estimate.

For more information about what you might expect from your Raleigh Home Inspection,visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Raleigh Home Inspections – InspectBits Episode 009 – The Raleigh Home Inspector On: Home Inspection Dangers and Hazards

In this InspectBits Episode 009 from Quality Residential Inspections, the Raleigh Home Inspector looks at some dangers and hazards that might be present when conducting Raleigh Home Inspections.


I’d be willing to bet that most people, including home-buyers, home-sellers and the real estate agents that represent them, haven’t spent allot of time considering potential safety issues that a Home Inspector is exposed to each and every time a Home Inspection is conducted. I mean…it’s such a simple thing….right? We’re just casually meandering through the house…looking at this…and lookin’ at that…right?  Well…not exactly!….What is there that could possibly go wrong?  There are a myriad of potential dangers that present to a Home Inspector during the course of any given Home Inspection. Check out just some of the considerations faced by Home Inspectors…

To schedule your top-of-the-line, professional Raleigh Home Inspection, give us a call at 919-848-4833. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Or, you can Schedule Your Home Inspection right here on our website. We look forwarding to being of valuable service to you!

Raleigh Home Inspection – InspectBits Episode 008 – GFCI Devices

In this, Episode 008 of our InspectBits series, Gary Gentry of Quality Residential Inspections and your Raleigh Home Inspector, present some information regarding Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) devices. We get asked allot of questions regarding these very common, and required I might add, devices. What we often find is they just simply aren’t functional…or that they’ve been physically damaged in some way. These devices are required to be installed to protect us…the people that occupy the homes where they are found. They prevent us from being electrocuted should we find ourselves in contact with water and electricity at the same time…That’s not a very good combination and the results are unpleasant at the best and potentially deadly at the worst.

We hope you found this video informative…the proper function and operation of GFCI devices is something that should always be part of a professional Home Inspection.

To schedule your top-of-the-line, professional Home Inspection, give us a call at 919-848-4833. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Or, you can Schedule Your Home Inspection right here on our website. We look forwarding to being of valuable service to you!

InspectBits Episode 007 – The Raleigh Home Inspector On: Clutter

When you have your Raleigh Home Inspection, you’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth …and that means doing everything you can to make sure that the Home Inspector is able to observe and evaluate as many areas as possible. This video, InspectBits Episode 007 examines the issue of clutter in an occupied home and how it can affect you as a home-buying consumer. The Raleigh Home Inspector and Quality Residential Inspections wants all of their Raleigh Home Inspection clients to get the very best value for their hard-earned money.

So, the Raleigh Inspector wants you to maximize your Home Inspection investment dollar…

We look forward to serving you with a Raleigh Home Inspection, a Cary Home Inspection, a Clayton Home Inspection, a Wake Forest Home Inspection, or a Home Inspection anywhere in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Give us a call today to schedule your Inspection or Schedule Right Here Online!

Raleigh Home Inspector Discovers A New HVAC Installation Gone…Bad!

In this InspectBits Podcast Episode 006, the Raleigh Home Inspector and Quality Residential Inspections share some of what was discovered during a Raleigh Home Inspection…A New HVAC (Air Conditioning) installation gone…Bad!

A brand new HVAC air handler had been installed in “hostile territory”…a wet, nasty crawl space where the new equipment shouldn’t have been installed in the first place. The brand new equipment was mostly ruined, before it ever had the chance to become operational, because it had been installed in a crawl space that was routinely subjected to flooding. Water and mud had flowed right into the interior of the brand new HVAC equipment an its associated ductwork…what a mess! Watch the video below and you’ll see for yourself…..

Our Home Inspection clients appreciate it when we discover conditions that could cost them money…potentially allot of money, later, had they purchased a home without procuring our services.

To schedule your Home Inspection, you can call us at 919.848.4833….or you can Schedule Your Home Inspection right her on our website…

Raleigh Home Inspection – InspectBits Episode 005 – Fire In The Furnace

In this, Episode 005 of the InspectBits podcast series by Quality Residential Inspections and Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry, we present an issue that was recently discovered inside a newer furnace during a Raleigh Home Inspection. The installation instructions, consisting of flammable paper and plastic, had been “stored” inside the enclosure adjacent to the burner compartment and had almost caught fire…not good! The fire and flames are supposed to be confined to the burner and the fuel is supposed to be gas…not paper and plastic. So, our client was protected in that we discovered the issue before it could cause any damage to the interior components of the furnace…and, more importantly…protected them from unknown and unanticipated repair expenses later down the road. It’s just one example of the kinds of things that we just might find during a Raleigh Home Inspection. Remember, when it comes to homes…”Ya’ Just Never Know”.

Thank You so much for taking the time to view our videos. Should you be in need of a professional Raleigh Home Inspection, Apex Home Inspection, or Cary Home Inspection, give us a call or Schedule Your Home Inspection Online Today.

Raleigh Home Inspection – InspecBits Episode 004 – Is This House High?

In this InspectBits Episode 004, we take a humorous look at what could sometimes be less than funny. In this home and identified during a Raleigh Home Inspection, there was evidence that marijuana had been grown in the house on some small scale…perhaps for personal use and maybe even on an “experimental” basis bv a “rookie” grower. There was a “heat lamp” type of light fixture present…and a fan/ventilation unit as well; there was some minimal amount of flexible duct-work that had previously been installed through some holes that had been cut into the interior walls of some basement rooms and there were a few little planting trays present.

There was no evidence of any particular damage, or adverse effect, to the home…no evidence of tampering with the electrical service, no automatic watering equipment, no visible fungal/microbial growth in finished or unfinished parts of the basement, and no musty odors…just some equipment left behind, the holes in the interior walls, and some related reading material pertaining to marijuana cultivation and “hydroponics” that was discovered in the attic.

So, we informed our clients of our observations first hand (they were with us during the inspection and we always recommend that our clients be present for their Home Inspection)…and we discussed the potential implications. But, had the evidence indicated a more “large-scale” operation then there could, potentially, have been some evidence of more adverse effects for the home itself. As it was, the holes in the interior walls needed to be repaired though even that wasn’t causing any particular issues, in and of itself, and within the scope of a Home Inspection.

If you found this video interesting, informative, or entertaining…then do leave us a comment. If you have any suggestions for future InspectBits episodes, then drop us a line…

Gary Gentry

The Raleigh Home Inspector

Raleigh Home Inspection – InspectBits Episode 003 – Dangerous Door

In this video, InspectBits Episode 003, we take a quick look at a serious safety issue that we discovered during a Raleigh Home Inspection. This dangerous door…or, rather the dangerous lack of anything outside the door, would make for a really long first step!  What’s up with that? We hope the occupants of this home aren’t suffering from any kind of sleep disorder and find themselves sleepwalking! Somnambulism…that’s the word for the day…This lack of a secure door at the subject property and someone afflicted with somnambulism may not be such a good match.

We reported this condition, observed by the Raleigh Home Inspector during a recent Home Inspection,and its potential ramifications to our clients and they were pleased that we were looking out for their best interests. That’s something we do every day…look out for our clients best interests so that they can make a well-informed home purchasing decision!

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Just What Is A Home Inspection Worth? Raleigh Home Inspection InspectBits Podcast Episode 002

As a Raleigh Home Inspection firm, when our office telephone rings, one of the first questions we are asked is “How much does a Home Inspection cost?”. And while this is a very fair question, we suggest that a more appropriate question might be “How much is a Home Inspection worth?”. In this Episode 002 of our InspectBits podcast series, we examine that issue.

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