Raleigh Home Inspector To Attend NCASHI 2013 Winter Educational Conference

Raleigh Home Inspector to Attend NCASHI 2013 Winter Conference Educational Conference

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry, of Quality Residential Inspections, Inc., located in Raleigh NC,  will attend the NCASHI Winter Educational Conference in High Point, NC.

The North Carolina chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors is teaming with Bonnie and Tom Gregory of The Home Inspection Training Center to provide some top notch continuing education for North Carolina Home Inspectors.

This years winter conference agenda, to be held in HIgh Point, NC on January 24-25 will include:

The Raleigh Home Inspector Will Be Getting Smarter Through Continuing Education with NCASHI

  • NC Update Safety Part 2: Risk Assessment Electives
  • Electrical Systems: Electrical inspection –  From the Main panel to the interior of the home
  • HVAC Systems – Heating inspection of gas and oil fired systems.
  • Structural Systems: Framing Inspection – From the foundation to the floor

This conference promises to be a great one and all Home Inspectors are invited.

Attaining quality continuing education is an extremely important aspect for a professional Home Inspector; the Raleigh Home Inspector far exceeds annual continuing education requirements. They offer SAT prep course reviews for students. Through timely and persistent education and through exercises such as the NCASHI Peer Review, a professional Home Inspector can “stay on top of their game” and provide their clients with the very best Home Inspection service available.

If you are in need of a Professional Home Inspection, from a Home Inspector who values the Continuing Eduction experience, then contact us to Schedule Your Home Inspection today. We can be reached by E-Mail, by calling us at 919-848-4833, or you can SCHEDULE  right here on our website. When you do, you can be assured of receiving the most professional Home Inspection your hard-earned money can buy; you will not be disappointed in your Home Inspection or your report. Go ahead, contact us today to schedule your Inspection.

Raleigh Home Inspector: ASHI Survey – Home Inspections Boost Confidence

Raleigh Home Inspector: ASHI Survey – Home Inspections Boost Homebuyers Confidence

ASHI SURVEY REVEALS HOME INSPECTIONS BOOST HOMEBUYERS CONFIDENCE IN 88 PERCENT OF U.S. RESPONDENTS Results indicate people are more likely to purchase a distressed property, including foreclosures and short sales, following a professional home inspection.

• 88 percent of respondents say home inspections increase their confidence about the condition of any property.

• More than four in five think foreclosures and short sales can be good deals.

• 84 percent of respondents say they would be more likely to purchase a distressed (foreclosed or short sale) property after a home inspection deemed it in good condition.

• Consumers are uncertain of the services traditionally included in a home inspection.

• The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is the Gold Standard of Home Inspectors.

Raleigh Home Inspector provides confidence for Home-Buyers

Your Raleigh Home Inspector will assist you in making a confident purchasing decision

To see the entire survey, visit ASHI.org……

We know that confidence leads to success and to satisfaction in many endeavors and purchasing a home is no different. If you know that you made a great decision, then you’ll feel great about you purchase.  A Home Inspection is just one of your due diligence tools that you should use to ensure a confident decision.

Let the Raleigh Home Inspector assist you with your confidence level in your home-buying decision. We’re good at it….and we look forward to helping you.

Contact the Raleigh Home Inspector today at 919-848-4833 to schedule your home inspection today. Or Schedule Online….




Raleigh Home Inspector Earns Level IV On-Site Wastewater System Installer Certification

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry, Owner of Quality Residential Inspections that is a leading Raleigh Home Inspection firm, recently earned certification as a Level IV On-Site Wastewater System Installer.

Level IV Certification, combined with the On-site Wastewater System Inspector certification, is the most advanced combination of Certification available in North Carolina. With the certification, Gary is able to install systems with any of the following attributes/components:

Raleigh Home Inspector Earns Level IV Onsite Wastewater System Installer Certification

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry - Level IV Onsite Wastewater System Installer and Raleigh Inspector

  • Single septic tank conventional (gravel) gravity systems
  • Multiple tanks, Grease Traps, Single pump or Single Siphon, Fill Systems, Sand-lined Trenches, and any approved single pump dispersal system
  • Dual pump and/or dual siphon systems, Low Pressure Dispersal, Flow Equalization, and any system requiring ground water lowering with a pump
  • Large systems greater than 3000 gallons per day (GPD), Multiple Off-Site Systems, Industrial Process Wastewater, Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems (RWTS), TS-I and TS-II systems, Drip Dispersal Systems,  Wastewater Re-Use systems and any Pre-treatment component

Mr. Gentry’s primary interest is in the most advanced systems regarding future re-use of onsite wastewater systems. Mr. Gentry says “Given that both the quantity and quality of water is a rapidly increasing concern for most all of the North Carolina municipalities, and most other places as well for that matter, the use of advanced treatment and re-use systems will only trend upward. Any serious “green” initiative regarding future water use and availability will most certainly involve state of the art onsite wastewater collection, treatment, and re-use systems”.


Raleigh Home Inspector Earns Master Inspector By Review Designation

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry has earned and been awarded the highly regarded Master Inspector By Review (MIBR®) designation from the North Carolina Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors (NCASHI). Gary is the owner of Quality Residential Inspections, a Raleigh Home Inspection firm.

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry Quality Residential Inspectons Master Inspector By Review

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry - Owner of Quality Residential Inspectons; Master Inspector By Review

The MIBR® designation is awarded to a Home Inspector who demonstrates superior home inspection skill and knowledge as judged by a panel of his or her peers.  In the Peer Review process, a panel of experienced Home Inspectors simultaneously inspect a home to assemble an extensive list of the items that, in the collective opinion of the panel, are items that are considered to be “must-find” items. Must-find items are those deficiencies that are judged absolutely necessary to be included in any proficient, professional Home Inspection report such as that provided to a paying customer.

Gary Gentry - Quality Residential Inspections | NCASHI Master Inspector By Review

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry, Owner of Quality Residential Inspections, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) and has earned the prestigious NCASHI Master Inspector By Review (MIBR) designation

The Peer Review pits the skill set and knowledge of a single Home Inspector against the combined skill and knowledge of a group of six to eight experienced Home Inspectors. The  Peer Review is conducted under conditions that are much more stringent and laborious than those encountered during a typical Home Inspection. The candidate is allowed only two hours to complete their assessment of the home. Failure to observe and report on even a single one of the conditions, determined to be a “must find” item,  is disqualifying.

While attaining the MIBR® designation is a highly regarded achievement,  it’s not really about attaining a new designation. The exercise is, and is intended to be, an educational tool to be used by a professional Home Inspector to better their inspection skills.

It is rare that a Home Inspector is able to gain direct input regarding their knowledge, inspection methodologies, and their reporting habits. “A Home Inspector, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable they might be, is always able to improve” says Mr Gentry. “And, with a dedication to improvement comes an increased real value for home-buyers or other clients who contract for their service. Who among professionals isn’t interested in providing a better value for their customers? This Raleigh Home Inspector is always willing to participate in any activity that might serve to make me a better Home Inspector. The NCASHI Peer Review program provides a most valuable learning experience for any North Carolina Home Inspector wanting to better themselves and their offered service. But it isn’t for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart…candidates are told to check their egos at the door because they will be closely, and sometimes harshly, scrutinized”. To learn more about the NCASHI and the Peer Review process, visit them on their website.

Should you be in need of a professional Raleigh Home Inspector, then contact Quality Residential Inspections at 919-848-4833 or schedule your Raleigh Home Inspection right here on this website. Quality Residential Inspections provides Home Inspection and ancillary testing services to the entire Triangle region of North Carolina.

Raliegh Home Inspector Gary Gentry Gains ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) Accreditation

Gary Gentry, the Raleigh Home Inspector and principle of  Quality Residential Inspections, has gained accreditation by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) as an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI). The accreditation is an individual achievement.


Gary Gentry is accedited as an ASHI Certifed Inspector (ACI)

The distinctive gold standard logo and ACI acronym provide opportunities for qualified Home Inspectors to differentiate themselves from their competition.  In general, they signify a much higher level of experience and tested knowledge. For Home Inspectors  in regulated states such as here in North Carolina, these symbols promote the inspectors dedication to excellence and provide convincing evidence of that dedication and of going well  “above and beyond” the minimum requirements imposed by  state licensing and maintaining ASHI Certified Inspector status as well.

The designation assists in assuring the home-buying public that they are hiring the very best of the best…a Quality Residential Inspections Home Inspector that takes his business, and theirs, to a very serious level. If you are in search of a dedicated, professional Home Inspector for your Home Inspection, then search no further as you have found us! Call us today at 919-848-4833 to schedule your Inspection or SCHEDULE right here on our website.

NCASHI Unveils It’s New Website For North Carolina Consumers and Home Inspectors

The North Carolina chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (NCASHI) recently unveiled their new website.

The Raleigh Home Inspector is a member of NCASHI

The North Carolina Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors

Gary Gentry, owner/principal of Quality Residential Inspections of Raleigh, NC and an NCASHI member, assisted the chapter with the development of the new site. You can visit their new website at www.ncashi.com .

Screenshot of the new ncashi webiste

The new NCASHI website has something for consumers and Home Inspectors alike

On the new site, consumers can obtain information regarding why it’s so important to locate and select an American Society of Home Inspectors Certified Inspector and that can be done from the website using their Inspector Locator. A search for a Certified ASHI Inspector can be accomplished by North Carolina County or by using the Last Name of a member Inspector.

Home Inspectors in the state can find information concerning upcoming chapter meetings; all Home Inspectors are invited to attend and are encouraged to become members. Home Inspectors can also find valuable information concerning:

1) Upcoming Educational Conferences, where NCASHI provides the very best presenters on the most interesting and pertinent of topics, and where Inspectors can satisfy their continuing education requirements. The North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB) requires continuing education for the maintenance of a license. ASHI requires continuing education for retaining a members certification status.

2) Upcoming Peer Reviews where veteran Home Inspectors and novices alike can test their inspection knowledge and methodologies against those of a panel of some of the most experienced Inspectors in the state. While the Peer Review is an educational event, requiring active participation over a rigorous day of inspecting an reporting, the elusive Inspector By Review designation is always there as a reward for demonstrated achievement and performance. You can view a video about the Peer Review program by visiting the NCASHI YouTube Channel.

Inspector By Review logo

The coveted Inspector By Review designation

If you are in need of a Raleigh Home Inspection by a professional Raleigh Home Inspector, then contact Quality Residential Inspections and schedule right here on our website. Or visit NCASHI and locate a competent and professional Home Inspector in your area….either way, you’ll be pleased with the effort and professionalism of your chosen Home Inspection firm.

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry Attends ASHI InspectionWorld 2011 Atlanta

Gary Gentry of Quality Residential Inspections, a Raleigh Home Inspection firm, accompanied by fellow American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) member Bill Dillon of Dillon Residential Services in Tobaccoville, NC…recently attended the Council of Representatives (CoR)  meeting at InspectionWorld 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

ASHI Members Bill Dillon and Shannon Cory

Out-going NCASHI CoR representative Bill Dillon (left) converses with South Atlantic Group Leader Shannon Cory of Georgia ASHI

Mr. Gentry attended as the in-coming representative of the North Carolina chapter of ASHI.  Mr. Dillon is the out-going representative of the chapter.  A special “Thank You” goes out to Bill for his interest, dedication, and support of ASHI and the NC chapter.

Mr. Shannon Cory, of the ASHI Georgia chapter, was elected Group Leader for the South Atlantic group; the South Atlantic group includes the NCASHI chapter.

Among other matters of business, the meeting accomplished the election of  C0R Group Leaders for eleven (11) geographical regions of the United Stated and Canada. The regional groups represent the membership of over sixty (60) ASHI chapters.

Mr. Howard Pegelow of the Great Lakes ASHI chapter and the out-going Speaker of the CoR, presided over the meeting. A special thanks goes out to Howard for his dedication to the Society. Mr. Pegelow also introduced Mr. Bob Walstead of the Southern Colorado chapter as the in-coming Speaker.

ASHI CoR out-going Speaker Howard Pegelow

Out-going ASHI Council of Representatives Speaker (CoR) Howard Pegelow addresses the CoR

Notable presenters at the meeting included:

  • Jeff Arnold – ASHI Executive Director
  • David Tamney – ASHI President
  • Kurt Salomon – ASHI Presdient-Elect
  • Russell Daniels – ASHI Director of Chapter Relations
  • Skip Walker – Group Leader, Pacific Region

Special recognition goes out to ASHI Board of Directors member Larry Cerro who presented an outstanding, detailed, and most factually accurate portrayal of the history of the ASHI Council of Representatives.

If you are in need of a professional Raleigh Home Inspection by the Raleigh Home Inspector, then give us a call at 919.848.4833, or schedule your Home Inspection online today.

Quality Residential Inspections offers: Raleigh Home Inspection, Cary Home Inspection, Apex Home Inspection, Wake Forest Home Inspection, Youngsville Home Inspection, Clayton Home Inspection, Garner Home Inspection, Morrisville Home Inspection, and more…..call for availability in other areas.

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry Elected To ASHI Council of Representatives

Raleigh Home Inspector Gary Gentry, owner of Quality Residential Inspections in Raleigh, North Carolina, was recently elected to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Council of Representatives (CoR) to represent the North Carolina Chapter of ASHI (NCASHI).


American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI was founded in 1976 and is the nations foremost, largest, and most highly regarded professional Home Inspector organization, is a not-for-profit association that assists and represents Home Inspectors from around the globe in the promotion of excellence and exemplary practice within the Home Inspection profession.

ASHI developed the CoR to provide its members with a representative vehicle in the governance of the Society and to communicate with its leadership. Through the CoR, the Council provides its chapters with a “voice” to its Board of Directors.

As a CoR representative for NCASHI, the duties are varied. A representative is tasked, among others, to:

  • Vote for ASHI Directors
  • Maintain an informed knowledge of ASHI business through contact with other Council members and keeping themselves apprised of ASHI correspondence
  • Keep their respective membership informed regarding Board actions
  • Be the liaison between chapter members and the Council
  • Attend the annual Council meeting at the ASHI National Conference
  • Attend the annual Leadership Day in Chicago
North Carolina ASHI Chapter


For information about how a Home Inspector can join NCASHI, visit their website and contact any of their officers

NC Home Inspector Licensure Board Takes Unanimous Position On IBHS FORTIFIED For Existing Homes Program

The North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB), in a recent special meeting on December 16, 2010, took a unanimous position regarding Home Inspectors and the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) organizations FORTIFIED for Existing Homes  program.

North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board


The Licensure Board opined that the activities of an IBHS evaluator do not require licensing by the Board and that licensed Home Inspector are not required to comply with the NCHILB Standards of Practice when operating in the capacity of an IBHS evaluator. In its position statement, the Board further concluded that, should the activities of an IBHS evaluator extend beyond the data and information gathering function of the Insurance discount notification/program, such as noting defects of the home or suggesting repairs to a homeowner, then those activities would be regulated by the Board.

Click here to download a copy of the entire position statement here: NCHILB Board approved IBHS position statement.

For more information on the IBHS FORTIFIED program, visit the IBHS website

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